Thesis Style Test

This is just a test!

It's for my experimental animation thesis project at Calarts. I'm trying to develop my animation style so that it will look more like my drawings... Usually, I rely so much on the computer that it ends up looking too "slick," for lack of a better word. Hopefully in making a lot of tests, I can create more of an edgy look, like in my drawings.

Comments would be appreciated, especially if you've been through this same battle and have come out on the winning side.



-_- said...

Yoh yoh! Congrats on getting to test your animation! Our class rocks! Anyway, I really like what you are going for, I especially like your third test. My only notes would be to not forget what your point of interest is, I felt that in the first two test, there was so much going on that I got distracted from the main animation. Perhaps bringing down the saturation on the paint and slowing them down a bit (by adding more frames). Yeah I know, I know... computers... but the slickness that you talk about is also a matter of manipulating saturation, and adding more artifacts and texture to the layers.
But good job! I really like where you are going with this.

Joice said...

It might be helpful to let you know that the above comment was me, Joice.

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