Swear-to-God LAST POST!

Oh clams!

I have a new blogspot! I'm trying to re-brand myself with my married name. Thanks for your patience with all these new changes.

Here's the new address: http://natashakline.blogspot.com

And now that I have a new Tumblr, Twitter, and Inspiration Blog, feel free to find me over there!

Thanks again for following me all these years... your support has meant so much!

...But I'm not finished yet! Go check out my new work at my new locations. Thank you!

xoxo, Natasha Kline


I have so much new stuff on my Tumblr... Seriously guys. I LOVE TUMBLR!


Also, in the future, I may be making a new blog on blogger, in my efforts to "rebrand" myself with my married name. Annnd... future website?! Who knows what the future holds!

Thanks for continuing to follow me!


Last Post

So... I'm finally making the leap to Tumblr! I might still post here a couple times a year, but for the most part, you'll find all my art at http://natashakline.tumblr.com from now on. I've only got one post for now, but that'll soon change ;)

Thank you for following me through the years! I'm so grateful... but not done yet!

Have a wonderful 2013!

James Kochalka

A little bit of sad news... American Elf, my most favorite daily strip ever, is ending this year! I did a little tribute to James Kochalka... I hope he continues to inspire comic artists around the world with all the new projects he's going to bring in the future...

Thank you James!


SDCC 2012 Wrap Up


So... I'm back from Comic-con, and over the "Comic-con Plague." Apparently, there was a wonderful virus drifting around infecting people, and I was lucky enough to catch it. Yippee! Wouldn't be a complete excursion to Comic-con without picking up a few deadly germs :)

Again, some colleagues and I from work formed "THE BUNKER: The Art Dept. of South Park," to reach out, meet fans, and sell a few sketchbooks at a booth courtesy of Bernard Chang and his BLVD crew. (Thanks again, Bernard!!) It was a blast to meet everyone, especially the fans! Everyone was totally awesome and sweet! We didn't get one, "Family Guy is a waaaaaay better show!" from anyone! South Park fans are AWESOME!!!

So, here's a few photos from the trip:

MYSTERION!!! This guy was the sweetest!!! There was also a girl dressed like Mysterion, who we called "Mysteriana." There's pictures of her on our Tumblr: http://thespbunker.tumblr.com/ 
Our booth at the BLVD, opening night. Photo courtesy of Tony
Me and my buddy Tony! Photo courtesy of Carlos
Adrien, hard at work... Photo by Greg
The Postma Bros... Photo by Carlos
Mysterion! Photo by Gilbert
Me giving my storyboard demo... Photo by Gilbert
Big Box o'Sketchbooks! These'll be worth some money someday, I swear! ;D Photo by Greg
Such an awesome dude! Photo by Adrien
And the total highlight of the trip (aside from meeting so many wonderful fans and drawing my little fingers to the bone) was meeting James Kochalka! American Elf is my favorite daily comic evarrrr. He was so sweet! Its always cool to meet your favorites and have them be totally awesome.

Even more magical... he put me in his daily comic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT. I almost crapped when I saw this. Seriously. I've been reading this for years and years and never dreamed that even my hand would make it in! I have to admit, it was a life goal, though. I can now die a happy woman!

So, Comic-con = Success. Yay!

Now that I'm back home, I'm working on my storyboard skills by taking a class with Jay Oliva, who is the most energetic teacher I've ever had. He's incredibly talented. I've been painting a lot lately, too. Here's a sneak peek of something I've started working on:

Stumpy and the Mermaid, Acrylic, 2012
Total work in progress. Sorry for the crappy picture... One day I'll get around to taking truly awesome pictures of all the stuff I should be posting... One day...

In the meantime, thanks for reading!


Comic-con 2012

Sorry for the hiatus- I've been busy preparing for Comic-con! This year, me and some buddies from work pulled together and made a sketchbook and got a booth... It's been amazing meeting all the South Park fans, selling books and doing commissions! When I get back, I'll upload some pictures, but for now, here's a link to our Tumblr: www.thespbunker.tumblr.com And if you're at the con, come on by! Thanks for reading!
Will you find a Golden Ticket in one of our sketchbooks? Photo by Greg


 This is the piece I entered for the "Just Desserts"show at Monkeyhouse Toys, curated by my friend Mary J. Hoffman. The show was a great success! It was truly a pleasure to be included with so many talented artists... including some pretty amazing puppets by my friend Lori. They had seat of honor in the front window! My piece is for sale at Monkeyhouse for $250. It should be up on their website soon if you're interested in purchasing online.

The opening happened a couple nights ago, but if you want to see some really cool stuff, go check it out!
Mayra, who runs the shop, has the neatest collection of children's toys! I was sorely tempted to buy a few for my niece, but I just dropped a load of money on Maggie's vet bills... poor thing's been terribly sick, as you may have seen in the journal entries I just posted. These may be her last few days... Hopefully she snaps out of it soon!

Thanks for reading!

Exerpts from my sketch journal...

Maggie's still hanging in there... I'm going to give her a few more days to see if she improves...


Summer Hiatus

Hooray! I'm officially on my summer hiatus from South Park! Season 16 was fun to work on, and I can't wait for number 17! The Art Department at South Park is truly filled with exceptional artists, and I'm glad I get to work with and continue to learn from them.

This summer is going to hold all kinds of fun, and hopefully, career-building opportunities... For one, I'm participating in "Just Desserts," a show curated by my friend Mary J. Hoffman. Here's the flyer for that if you're interested in attending:

Also, in July, my boss Adrien invited me to be a visiting artist at his booth in Comic-con. Hopefully I'll be able to scrap together a little sketchbook before then. Adrien, the Postma brothers and I are also making a collaborative sketchbook, so there's going to be plenty to share in the future! If anybody out there is planning on going to Comic-con this year, feel free to stop by! I'll give more details as they emerge...

Thanks for reading!
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