Pure Awesomeness

Oh, wow!

The school just asked me to do the program, posters and advertisements for the 2008 Spring Showcase in Film/Video!!!!

It's funny, 'cause I always looked at those posters and wondered how one got to do the designs. It looks like they give the designer complete creative control... except for those pesky committee meetings, of course... ;-D

But still, I can't wait! I'll post the process I'm going through up here...

I'm also thinking about starting up a journal comic, much like James Kochalka's American Elf, which you can navigate to from the link at the bottom. He's awesome! Check him and his funky music out, too.

I want to start something like that to prepare for my thesis, which is going to be half film, half comic book. Lately, I haven't really been doing comics, so I want to start dedicating myself to it more by doing an everyday sort of thing.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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