CalArts Experimental Animation Showcase 2008


So much has gone on since my last post! But I finally have time to update...

First of all, my first short film made in 2006 titled "Lullaby," was selected to be shown in the Experimental Animation Showcase for this year!!!! Yay! I'm so excited to see it on the big screen...

Here's the invite information if you're interested in attending:


I've also been HORRIBLY busy designing the invites, posters and programs for the showcase...
It's been a lot of work, and one day, I'll post all of the good stuff I've been up to for that up here.

In other news, the show at the Wignall that I talked about in my last post went great! Sold a painting , a few DVDs here and there...and took lotsa pictures that I'll post up here soon!

There's been lotsa of posters, too...and new sketchbook stuff.

Gosh, all I need now is the time to upload...!

Well, be on the lookout for all these new developments when I have time on summer break.
See you in a couple weeks!

Love from Natasha

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