So Busy....

Sorry for the lack of updates lately...Work's been so busy!!!!

Basically, I've been re-learning how to draw. So... sometimes it feels like I'm drowning and not being able to get my head above water. It's been a lot of work so far...but I'm learning SO MUCH!!! The people I work with are insanely talented. I've been working on drawings of them, so I should be able to share those with you soon.

But hopefully one day it'll click, and then I can get back to updating! :-D

Wish me luck until then! Oh, boy...!

I hope everyone's lives are going great! Write me an email and tell me all about what's going on with you...

Ps- the first episode I worked on aired last night...what'd ya'll think of it?


Shunda Leigh said...

Natasha, you left a very nice note on my blog and I wanted to say THANKS..it was so nice and thoughtful. I love to write & blogging helps me also to express things closest to my heart in a fun type way. I really wanted to say thanks for reading my blog and for leaving such a kind note.


Sean said...

ahhhhhh i dont know how youll know this is here but call me asap for this cool thing tonight at 9:30
"tee hee"

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