This is a wall sculpture I made for the upcoming WIA show at the Animation guild in Burbank. He's crazy! Sorry for the lame scan- He's much bigger than my scanner, so i had to patch him up a lot. What should I name him? I'm open to suggestions. I was thinking about "Bekkin Weggs" because he reminds me of breakfast.

Hopefully some of you can make it to the show- I'll post details about the reception later.


29 Skirts said...

Bekkin Weggs is the perfect name! I like how the "Weggs" even kind of sounds like "web," so it seems to refer to his feet.

mrkvalheim said...

I think it's funny he reminds you of breakfast. I like the name Bekkin Weggs! I'll throw out another suggestion just for brainstorming purposes: Scrambie Wegton.

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