Massive Sketchbook Dump

Yay, vacation's here! After slaving away for several months at work, I thought I'd kick off my new-found downtime with a sketchbook dump from September to the present. This round includes such family favorites as the not-suitable-for-children Sphincter Eyes, Old People Dancing, Dismembered Poodles, Super-Monkey-Geezer-Dog, Drawings of My Family and Co-workers & More. Hopefully you can make most of them out. I'm learning that I need to start keeping cleaner sketchbooks...

This episode also features a drawing of my brother, serenading woman and beast with his smooth country voice! Hi Derek!

This is more akin to the real Derek, though:

And finally, something suuuuper special, just for you- a collaboration of sketches by my dad and me. Bet you can't tell who did what! ;)

He wanted to be a cartoonist as a kid. I love his drawings! He and my mom are both artists, and are both reasons why I started to pursue art also.

Thanks for stopping by! More to come as my vacation stretches onward!


Boogervampire said...

OMG! These are all hilarious and so fun to look at. But I have to admit, the sketches of the Postmas and Adrien are my faves! It may have taken you forever to update the blog, but it was worth the wait!

mrkvalheim said...

Man, I love all your sketches and random drawings! You're getting more and more talented every time I see new stuff from you... which I honestly didn't think was possible! :) My favorites were Derek on the couch, Buela and Pop, and the ones you and Dad drew.

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