Summer Hiatus

Hooray! I'm officially on my summer hiatus from South Park! Season 16 was fun to work on, and I can't wait for number 17! The Art Department at South Park is truly filled with exceptional artists, and I'm glad I get to work with and continue to learn from them.

This summer is going to hold all kinds of fun, and hopefully, career-building opportunities... For one, I'm participating in "Just Desserts," a show curated by my friend Mary J. Hoffman. Here's the flyer for that if you're interested in attending:

Also, in July, my boss Adrien invited me to be a visiting artist at his booth in Comic-con. Hopefully I'll be able to scrap together a little sketchbook before then. Adrien, the Postma brothers and I are also making a collaborative sketchbook, so there's going to be plenty to share in the future! If anybody out there is planning on going to Comic-con this year, feel free to stop by! I'll give more details as they emerge...

Thanks for reading!

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