SDCC 2012 Wrap Up


So... I'm back from Comic-con, and over the "Comic-con Plague." Apparently, there was a wonderful virus drifting around infecting people, and I was lucky enough to catch it. Yippee! Wouldn't be a complete excursion to Comic-con without picking up a few deadly germs :)

Again, some colleagues and I from work formed "THE BUNKER: The Art Dept. of South Park," to reach out, meet fans, and sell a few sketchbooks at a booth courtesy of Bernard Chang and his BLVD crew. (Thanks again, Bernard!!) It was a blast to meet everyone, especially the fans! Everyone was totally awesome and sweet! We didn't get one, "Family Guy is a waaaaaay better show!" from anyone! South Park fans are AWESOME!!!

So, here's a few photos from the trip:

MYSTERION!!! This guy was the sweetest!!! There was also a girl dressed like Mysterion, who we called "Mysteriana." There's pictures of her on our Tumblr: http://thespbunker.tumblr.com/ 
Our booth at the BLVD, opening night. Photo courtesy of Tony
Me and my buddy Tony! Photo courtesy of Carlos
Adrien, hard at work... Photo by Greg
The Postma Bros... Photo by Carlos
Mysterion! Photo by Gilbert
Me giving my storyboard demo... Photo by Gilbert
Big Box o'Sketchbooks! These'll be worth some money someday, I swear! ;D Photo by Greg
Such an awesome dude! Photo by Adrien
And the total highlight of the trip (aside from meeting so many wonderful fans and drawing my little fingers to the bone) was meeting James Kochalka! American Elf is my favorite daily comic evarrrr. He was so sweet! Its always cool to meet your favorites and have them be totally awesome.

Even more magical... he put me in his daily comic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT. I almost crapped when I saw this. Seriously. I've been reading this for years and years and never dreamed that even my hand would make it in! I have to admit, it was a life goal, though. I can now die a happy woman!

So, Comic-con = Success. Yay!

Now that I'm back home, I'm working on my storyboard skills by taking a class with Jay Oliva, who is the most energetic teacher I've ever had. He's incredibly talented. I've been painting a lot lately, too. Here's a sneak peek of something I've started working on:

Stumpy and the Mermaid, Acrylic, 2012
Total work in progress. Sorry for the crappy picture... One day I'll get around to taking truly awesome pictures of all the stuff I should be posting... One day...

In the meantime, thanks for reading!


Boogervampire said...

Sincerely loving the colors in the mermaid painting! Hope to see the finished one up here eventually. :) Oh and congrats about making it into one of your fave comics!

JAG said...

Hi Tasha! Love your work! Is the SP sketchbook available for purchase for us east coasters who couldn't make it to SDCC? I'm dying for it... Thanks in advance <3

Tasha Kline said...

Hi Jag,

Technically we're not selling them online! But they may be available at select book stores in the near future... BUT we mayyyy be able to make a special order for you :) I'll have to ask the rest of the guys and see if they're down with the idea.

If you email thespbunker@gmail.com, we'll see what we can do...

Thanks for the interest!

JAG said...

Thanks for responding. I'm so excited!

Tasha Kline said...

For anyone interested in buying the sketchbook, it's on sale at Stuart Ng, at this link:



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